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The Striped Bananas are a psychedelic indie rock band from Hartford, Connecticut consisting of husband and wife duo Duncan and Chantelle Shepard. They've been making albums that feature their signature vocal harmonies, fun tunes and richly melodious production since 2012.


Their 2021 album, "Dreams Upon the Mast", was met with critical acclaim from press like Goldmine Magazine and Shindig! Magazine. Taking influence from Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, The Doors and Badfinger, Duncan and Chantelle offer a playful yet introspective spin on classic sounds. 


Duncan explains "our goal is to offer something that will get your feet tapping and transport your mind to another place." Harnessing the power of sitar, fuzz guitar, mellotron and dulcimer, Duncan pushes the boundaries of modern indie rock into an exploration of sound. Chantelle provides the accompaniment backbone with her canorous Hammond organ and dulcet vocal harmonies.

Duncan and Carmine edited.jpg
Carmine Appice of Vanilla Fudge with Duncan
Dave Davies of the Kinks with Duncan
Tel and Duncan with Micky Dolenz
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