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Pictures I Hear
Released 6 June 2020

Duncan - Vocals, Sitar, Guitars, Mellotron, Mandolin, Alto Recorder, Dulcimer, Drums

Chantelle - Vocals and Keyboards

Andrew - Vocals and Drums

​"Instrumentally vibrant their ear for melody and rhythm proves to be profound. Atmosphere matters a great deal for they effortlessly balance the elements together in a kaleidoscopic way. Vocals rest front and center while they sing an acid poetry, dripping with imagery. Guitars, organs, the gentle hit of the drums, all of this form something that feels so profound. Dispatches from a mind entranced in thought it all simply stuns with such a glorious beauty."


Beach Sloth at Entropy Magazine

Stone of Madness
Produced and Mixed by Duncan
Released 15 July 2017

Duncan - Vocals, Sitar, Guitars, Mellotron, Mandolin, Rickebacker Bass, Organ

Chantelle - Vocals and Keyboards

Andrew - Vocals and Drums

​"The room you’re in takes on the energy of the music, and right the way through, from the mesmerising mania of opener The Sun and The Moon, to the curtain closing, elegantly crafted The Trip, the project feels like a loyal yet unpredictable classic. You can rely on the creative set up of these songs to soothe your anxiety with psychedelic authenticity, and at the same time, you can completely lose yourself in the swirling, beautiful chaos of the music.

Sister Brittany offers a fairly mellow bit of songwriting that lulls you into a deep sense of calm. It furthers that feeling of being at the mercy of the music, lost in the sound, the beautiful chorus of voices, yet completely trusting the whole thing’s ability to keep you entertained. Swirling Colors (In My Mind) continues the thought provoking, atmospheric energy of the opener, and is actually an intense and compelling few minutes of music – the first of many moments that bare listening to a few times over." Rebecca Cullen at Stereo Stickman

Cosmic Carnival
Produced and Mixed by Duncan

Released 10 July 2015

Duncan - Vocals, Sitar, Guitars, Mandolin, Rickebacker Bass, Organ

Chantelle - Vocals, Keyboards

Andrew - Vocals and Drums


"Somewhere between the strands of pure fantasy and the lucid luminous lights of imagination, in a colorful semi-conscious state is where “Cosmic Carnival” resides. Never has there been such a perfect marriage of smooth psychedelic-rock confection with gliding velvety harmonies. The passages and changes in this music are a marvel – and so very addicting. There are light moments, dark moments, unbalanced moments, it’s all covered. I can’t listen to a single song without anticipating the song that comes next. The band is tight, the lyrics trippy and somewhat poetic as they contemplate the world around them, including a cover of the 1961 Del Shannon mega-hit, “Runaway”. “Cosmic Carnival” is recommendable to anyone interested in psychedelic rock, but especially those with authentic late 60s leanings." - Jamsphere Magazine


Front Cover Final.jpg
Dreams Upon the Mast
Released 15 July 2021

Duncan - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Sitar, Mellotron and Dulcimer

Chantelle - Vocals and Keyboards

James - Drums

Andrew - Vocals and Drums

​"The fifth album from Ann Arbor psychedelian couple The Striped Bananas finds them mining slightly mellower territory than its predecessors. Dreams Upon The Mast has a sort of stripped-down early ’90s DIY quality about it, as if The Peanut Butter Conspiracy had crammed into a bedroom and mastered the Portastudio. It’s charming, though, with lovely songs. Apart from the impressively expansive brass-tinged opener ‘Silver Heel’, the Mellotron, Farfisa and other trippy touches linger discreetly around the edges. Duncan Shepard and wife Chantelle harmonise sweetly like Doug Yule and Moe Tucker. The title track has a winningly strange, questing air about it that The Flaming Lips would likely turn their third eyes on with envy. Best of all are the thundery ‘Strange Visions’, the cosmic campfire singalong of ‘Lady Moonshine’ and the cute English Tea with laced sugar-cubes stomp of ‘Be An Ant’." Martin Ruddock


4 out of 5 stars - Shindig! Magazine - December 2021 Issue (#122)

Lady Sunshine

Produced and Mixed by Duncan

Sophomore release with more experimentation and lush harmonies.

Released 21 June 2013

Duncan - Vocals, Guitars, Sitar, Organ, Hofner Bass and Theremin
Chantelle - Vocals, Keyboards, Piano and Percussion
Andrew - Vocals, Drums and Percussion


"I’ve never tripped on acid before. However, after listening to The Striped Bananas newest album ‘Lady Sunshine’, I can certainly say that the vibes I got from their music made me feel like I was spiraling down the rabbit hole on LSD. Each note was full of groovy, pulsating vibrations that made me want to dance around in a field full of poppies. Chantelle and Duncan’s vocals complement each other beautifully like two birds singing together as one." -Eric Witmer at the Levity Ball


"The album contains twelve tracks that will take you back and forth on rock’s timeline in an endless perpetual swing, where you will lose all cognition of exactly in which period you are living. The sound here is not copied or cheaply emulated in anyway. The Striped Bananas create originals that are so authentic sounding, you’d think they were produced by 60’s revolutionary Producer Phil Spector, using his hallmark “Wall of Sound” techniques." - Rick Jamm at Jamsphere Magazine

Christmas 1914 - Internet single

released December 20, 2014

Duncan - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard
Andrew - Vocals, Drums
Chantelle - Vocals, Tambourine, Percussion

Live EP

Released 31 October 2012

Duncan - Vocals and Lead Guitar

Chantelle- Keyboard, EB-3 Bass and Vocals
Andrew- Drums 

Special Guest:

Albert - 2nd Guitar/Backing Vocals

Self-Titled Debut

Released 13 January 2012

Duncan - Vocals, Guitars and EB-3 Bass
Chantelle - Vocals, Keyboards and EB-3 Bass
Andrew - Drums and Backing Vocals


"Capturing the spirit of the ’60s, The Striped Bananas deliver their own mix of The Doors, Dinosaur Jr, and The Beach Boys. They keep it old school with a twist of fresh.

Duncan, Tel, and Lowden’s voices weave in and out throughout these 10 tracks becoming as much a part of the mood and instrumentation as the tools they are using to inject this potassium overload of frequencies into your ear drums."-



“If you cut your Rock-N-Roll teeth back in the psychedelic 60′s, then this is your music. Excellent major/minor key interplay with gorgeous harmonies, soulful lyrics and a variable line-up of very well played instruments makes this album a listening delight for psychedelic rock fans. Unlike so many groups, The Striped Bananas’ songs are packed with dynamic changes in volume and tempo, and structured with an array of succulent chord patterns and guitar riffs.” - Jamsphere Independent Music Magazine

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